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Assessment: Appetite Problems in Senior Adults Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Detect Appetite Problems in Senior Adults

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Total the score by adding the numbers associated with the patient’s response.
A score of less than 28 is cause for concern.
If the total is
8-16 The patient is at risk for anorexia and needs nutrition counse­ling.
17-28 The patient needs frequent reasse­ssment.
>28 The patient is not at risk at this time

A. My appetite is

1. Very poor
2. Poor
3. Average
4. Good
5. Very good

B. When I eat, I feel full after

1. Eating only a few mouthfuls
2. Eating about a third of a plate/meal
3. Eating over half of a plate/meal
4. Eating most of the food
5. Hardly ever

C. I feel hungry

1. Never
2. Occasi­onally
3. Some of the time
4. Most of the time
5. All of the time

D. Food tastes

1. Very bad
2. Bad
3. Average
4. Good
5. Very good

E. Compared to when I was 50, food tastes

1. Much worse
2. Worse
3. Just as good
4. Better
5. Much better

F. Normally, I eat

1. Less than one regular meal a day
2. One meal a day
3. Two meals a day
4. Three meals a day
5. More than three meals a day (including snacks)

G. I feel sick or nauseated when I eat

1. Most times
2. Often
3. Sometimes
4. Rarely
5. Never

H. Most of the time my mood is

1. Very sad
2. Sad
3. Neither sad nor happy
4. Happy
5. Very happy