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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Assignable tasks for Children

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Sharing with you our family’s chore list. Remember, because the two-year old can do the chores on the list doesn’t mean she does all the chores on the list. I use the list as a guide when it comes to assigning chores. Each child does one to two age approp­riate chores each day depending on the size of the job

Toddler (ages 2 and 3)

Pick up/ put away toys
Unload the dishwasher (silve­rware, plastic cups, tupper­ware)
Dust with a feather duster or microfiber rag
Swiffer the floor
Put clothes in the dirty clothes hamper
Collect dirty clothes
Help get clothes from washer to dryer
Put clothes away
Make bed
Wipe cabinets
Wipe baseboards (soapy water)

Presch­ooler (ages 4-5)

Any toddler chores plus:
Load the dishwasher
Vacuum couch/ chairs/ cushions
Take out recycling
Set table
Clear table
Wash dishes (with superv­ision)
Clean windows
Wipe out bathroom sinks (baby wipes work great for this chore!)
Match socks
Fold dish towels

Daily Chores for Kids

Early Elementary (ages 6-8)

Any toddler and preschool chores plus:
Meal prep (wash produce, find ingred­ients, simple cutting with butter knife)
Wipe bathroom sinks, counters, toilets
Hang out laundry
Collect garbage
Get mail
Fold/hang laundry
Clean microwave
Rake leaves

Elementary (9-11)

Any previous chores plus:
Make meals
Take garbage/ recycling to the curb
Wash/ dry clothes
Clean toilets
Mop floors
Vacuum out cars

Middle School (12-14)

Clean tub/ shower
Make full meals/ meal plan
Clean out fridge/ freezer
Mow yard
Wash car
Supervise younger children’s chores