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Accessing EMR & Medical Information Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Accessing EMR & Medical Information

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Authorized to sign electr­oni­cally:

I will be granted access to certain electronic records.
I will be given a user ID/pas­sword in order to access the records,
I will be provided with an electronic signat­ure­/unique identifier to sign electronic documents.

By signing I acknow­ledge and certify

I will safeguard my user ID/pas­sword and unique identi­fier, as applic­able, to prevent unauth­orized access by others.
I am the only person authorized to use the unique identi­fie­r/user ID/pas­sword assigned to me.
I will not disclose /release my unique identi­fie­r/user ID/pas­sword to anyone nor allow anyone to access or alter inform­ation using my unique identi­fier.
I will not use another person’s user ID/pas­sword or unique identifier to access the electronic records or to sign an electronic document.
My electronic signature and/or unique identifier is as legally binding as my tradit­ional handwr­itten signature.
If my position requires remote access to the EHR I understand that I cannot download electronic protected health inform­ation (ePHI) or print ePHI outside of the facility and that I must ensure that the inform­ation I am viewing remains private.
I will not leave a computer station to which I am signed on unattended and I will log/sign off the system when I am finished.
I understand that the unauth­orized use of computer resources and/or electronic records is prohib­ited.
I will report all security violations to my superv­isor.
I understand that violation of the electronic medical record policy and procedures will result in discip­linary action including, but not limited to, suspension or termin­ation and/or civil procee­dings, and/or criminal prosec­ution.
I have read, unders­tood, and retained a copy of the Acknow­led­gement, and agree to comply with the electronic medical record policy and procedures and the terms described above.