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6 Rules When Cleaning Your Gun Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Safety Rules for Cleaning Guns

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


How often do you clean your gun? Some people do it after every shooting session, others don’t even do it yearly. There’s no rule about how often you should clean your gun, but here’s something you should keep in mind: A gun that is clean and well-l­ubr­icated is far less likely to malfun­ction than one that isn’t. If you have a gun for self-d­efense, you want to be sure it’s in working order.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to talk about being safe when cleaning your gun. This is serious. Accidental shootings during gun mainte­nance occur all the time.


The fact is, when cleaning a gun there are some simple rules that need to be followed, and if you follow them you will never have an accident:

1. Never clean your gun with anyone else in the room. Find a special place where only you’ll be while cleaning your gun. Tell your family members you’re about to clean your gun and not to interrupt you.

2. Never clean your gun with any ammunition in the same room. I don’t think I need to expand on this one.

3. Don’t listen to music or watch TV or have any distra­cti­ons. I hear far too many stories of people who clean their guns in front of the TV and accide­ntally shoot themse­lves. Since a gun is a serious tool that needs to be respected, you shouldn’t be doing anything else while cleaning and handling it.

4. Wear eye protection while cleaning your gun. It only takes one spring to hit you in the eye or a splash of gun cleaner in the eye to make you a pirate.

5. Watch the muzzle of the gun at all times and never point the muzzle of the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy. (I always keep my muzzle pointed at my bullet­proof panel I use when cleaning my gun.)

6. Unload your gun in a room other than where you’ll be cleaning it and then triple check that your gun is unloaded before you begin to clean it.
The next time you clean your gun, remember the advice above. Also, one last thing: Don’t ever let someone clean their gun while you’re in the room with them as you don’t want to end up being the one shot in the leg or worse. Be Safe Everyone!

Clean Gun Rules

Firearms Safety -- 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling

1. Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction
2. Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not Actually In Use
3. Don't Rely On Your Gun's "­Saf­ety­"
4. Be Sure Of Your Target And What's Beyond It
5. Use Correct Ammunition
6. If Your Gun Fails To Fire When The Trigger Is Pulled, Handle With Care!
7. Always Wear Eye And Ear Protection When Shooting
8. Be Sure The Barrel Is Clear Of Obstru­ctions Before Shooting
9. Don't Alter Or Modify Your Gun, And Have Guns Serviced Regularly
10. Learn The Mechanical And Handling Charac­ter­istics Of The Firearm You Are Using

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