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§483.60 Food & Nutrition Services Top 10 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

§483.60 Food & Nutrition Services Top 10

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Here is a Top Ten list to help you and your team understand the new CMS LTC Regula­tions, specif­ically Section §483.60 Food and Nutrition Services:

Nutriition Table 1 & 2

Nutrition Table 3


1 - 10

1. “Dietary Services” are redesi­gnated as “Food and Nutrition Services”, revising language to include consid­eration of resident prefer­ences (Ref #483.60).

2. Facilities are required to employ sufficient staff with approp­riate compet­encies and skill sets to carry out functions of the food and nutrition service, including resident assess­ments and care planning (Ref #483.6­0(a)).

3. Facilities shall employ a dietitian on a full-time, part-time, or consultant basis that is registered by the Commission on Dietetic Regist­ration or licensed or certified by the state as a dietitian or clinically qualified nutrition profes­sional (Ref #483.6­0(a­)(1)).

4. If a dietitian is not employed full-time, the Director of Food and Nutrition Services must meet one of the following requir­ements and meet applicable state requir­ements: (Ref #483.6­0(a­)(2))
• Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Profes­sional (CDM, CFPP)
• Certified Foodse­rvice Manager
• Associates or higher degree in Hospit­ality or Foodse­rvice Management with training in foodse­rvice management and food safety

5. A member of Food and Nutrition Service must partic­ipate in the care planning process (Ref #483.6­0(b)).

6. Menus must reflect religious, cultural, and ethnic needs of residents and are both safe and appetizing with allergies, intole­rances, and prefer­ences being considered (Ref# 483.60(d).

7. The 14-hour rule remains in effect with meals served at times in accordance with resident needs, prefer­ences, requests, and plan of care (Ref #483.6­0(f)).

8. Provisions for adaptive equipment continue to be provided in accordance with the plan of care (Ref #483.6­0(g)).

9. Facilities may procure food directly from facility gardens, local producers, farmers or growers in accordance with state and local laws (Ref #483.6­0(i­)(1)(i) and 483.60­(i)­(1)­9ii)).

10. Facilities are required to store, prepare, distri­bute, and serve food in accordance with profes­sional standards for food safety to include having a policy in place regarding use and storage of foods brought to residents by visitors to ensure safe and sanitary handling (Ref #483.7­0(b)).