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Writing Tips Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

A comprehensive guide.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Best Argume­ntative Essays

Have you get assigned the task of writing an impressive
college essay at your high school?
Confused about choosing a unique title?

Not to worry. We have updated a list of some best argume­ntative essay ideas for high school students. You can choose any of them according to your prefer­ences.

1. There should be free education for everyone
2. Why is obesity becoming common among US citizens?
3. Students must have limited access to the internet
4. Every student has a right to choose his future career
5. Advantages of the MBA program
6. Sports help teenagers to maintain a healthy weight
7. Physical education should be made compulsory in high school
8. Production of tobacco must be made illegal
9. The death sentence should be activated for serial killers
10. Smoking in public places should be banned
11. Sales of alcohol should be banned after11 P.M.
12. Energy drinks are dangerous for health
13. How are electric vehicles a solution to global pollution?
14. What are the pros and cons of global­iza­tion?
15. Changing climatic conditions pose a serious threat to the ozone layer
16. What are the countries with the highest levels of corrup­tion?
17. Do political author­ities engage in illegal activi­ties?
18. Becoming a successful politician is art or born talent?
19. Can anyone be above the law?
20. Advantages and disadv­antages of monarchy
21. Children should be prohibited from playing violent games
22. What are the adverse effects of mobile phones?
23. Is technology limiting creati­vity?
24. Modern education is better than tradit­ional education. How?
25. Medical aid should be free for all
26. Govern­ments must finance the social movement
27. Cross-­cul­tural marriages lead to racial tolerance
28. Why should parents be soft on their children?
29. Politics is always a dirty game
30. Instagram is the best altern­ative to Twitter
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