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Enhance Your Writing Skills Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Essay Writing Tips

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Extended essay tips should include guidelines

As the name suggests, an extended essay is a long one that details the inform­ation and facts about the chosen topic. Therefore, the extended essay tips should guide the students for polishing their writing, analytical and critically evaluating skills to prepare their long essay for IB program. While such essay should be written after the research- in depth on the selected topic, sufficient care needs to be taken to keep the writing creative and original. However, the proof of evidence for the argument presented, while writing on various issues, should be properly referenced to let the reader look at the source of such inform­ation. Since, this involves specia­lized essay writing; students should also look at the other papers like sample essays and essay essay outline thinking - how to write my essay -┬áto understand the technique of essay organi­zation in general. Given below are a few extended essay tips that students can follow to write an excellent essay.

Select the topic

As an extended essay is a resear­ch-­pap­er-­writing project for students, to prepare them for IB diploma course program, such essays evaluate the critical thinking ability and the capacity of the strident to conduct research indepe­nde­ntly, on the topic involved. Hence, the selection of the topic is the basic requir­ement for writing such papers. Students are usually provided a choice of topics to choose from and their first test is in the selection of the right topic for writing, by them. Students should choose a topic that is intere­sting to them. In addition, students will feel more confident to write on those issues that are familiar to them. Therefore, they should select a topic in which they are well versed. A contro­versial topic related to their daily life can be one of the best-s­elected subjects for the students. Apart from the proper selection of the topic, students must have the right skills required for essay writing , as such. Hence, looking at some of the essays like a personal essay will help the students for unders­tanding the technique required to write any essay.S­tu­dents can also get some extended essay tips from such papers.

Data research


Prepare a logical introd­uction

The introd­uction to any research paper or an in-depth study document should not point to any aimless issue. Instead, it should relate to the relevant theme of the essay and the thesis statement. While the introd­uction should be very brief, to the point and presented in logical manner, it should be intere­sting to the reader, revealing the relevant hints that can lure the reader to read the whole essay.

Main essay should follow the essay outline

While this means that the essay should have one or two pages descri­bing, as an outline, describing the issues involved with the concerned theme; the main essay body should follow the outlined sub-ti­tles, so that the reader is given a smoothly flowing essay that presents inform­ation and data, naturally. This will require students listing all the research data collected from various sources and the organizing the essay, in a manner, in which one topic leads to another in an absorbing way.

Conclude the essay, with firm conviction

Students must present their concluding viewpoint in a specific manner as leaving this to the reader by suggesting a few opinions, on the topic, will leave reader confused.