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Think about the cost

Most community colleges are less expensive than four-year instit­utions. If you're planning on transf­erring to another school, it makes the most sense to buy my essay with as many credits as possible. By focusing your study enough to get a degree, you'll likely save yourself some major bucks down the road.

Envisi­oning your future

One of the great things about associate degrees is that they can help you decide on a course of study. A two-year degree can tell you whether or not you care about something enough to seek it out as a career. Take two years of classes in a particular subject and you'll be much more informed going into your more advanced study.

Invest­igate your pathways

If you begin your community college experience knowing that you want to transfer to a four-year instit­ution, you'll want to invest­igate your pathways to transfer as early as possible. You'll probably find that there are several, but your admissions counselors and academic advisors will be more likely to know about them. Invest­igate your options early and plan your course of study accord­ingly.


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Keep deadlines in mind

Whether or not you've got an associate degree won't affect your ability to transfer within a deadline, but you'll still want to be sure to check it out. Different schools have different deadlines for transfers, and because many four-year schools like transfers who hold associate degrees, their deadlines may be more inline with a typical associate degree timeline.


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